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Background Info

   I have been a machinist since I was in high school. I learned the trade in the US Navy and now  I work as a Journeyman Tool and Diemaker. 

After my first outboad purchase I found the AOMCI, known as The Antique Outboard Motor Club Inc., found here: 


   I  have always found a way to get the job done. But some jobs, to make the motor run properly, require the proper tools. That is where this story begins.  Frank Robb, a fellow AOMCI member, had been making reproduction service tools for the classic OMC's, Seen on his site: 


    Well this year Frank has decided to step away from that endeavor to pursue his "bucket" list. 

 When I found out Frank was stepping down, I offered to step up. I purchased his jigs, fixtures and prints and now  I will continue the tradition of excellence set before me. 

I, like Frank, do this in my spare time, as I have a full time day job. I will do my best to keep items in stock, and when not in stock, I will do my best to keep the wait time to a minimum. I promise to continue his legacy of top quality tools at reasonable cost.    

What will be offered

  Tools offered will include, upper crank shaft seal pullers, shown to the right, for 5-40 hp OMC motors. I currently have in stock of the puller for the 5, 6 and 9.5 power heads it is one tool.

I also have in stock for the 18-35 hp power heads, it is also one tool.

Timing tools, shown below, for the 3 hp thru 40 hp, to set the proper timing on each cylinder and to ensure both cylinders fire 180 degrees apart which is essential for best performance and smooth idle.

Fuel connector o-ring repair tool, shown above, to replace the old cracked o-rings for the pressure tank systems, 

Coil locating ring to set the proper gap between the coils and the magnets on the flywheel. I hope to add other tools as time and space permit.  

The details

  I will combine shipping whenever possible, especially on orders of more than one item.  All items shipped will have a tracking number.  I ship throughout the US and Canada for actual shipping costs and if you are overseas, well we can talk about that.   

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